Why Buy From Us

Why Buy Your Christmas Tree Online From Christmas Trees At Bishop Farm?

1. Because You Can Request Your Preferred Shipping Date!!

We cut our trees fresh to order, bale, box and ship them ourselves so you can choose your preferred shipping date when you place your order. 

You no longer need to remember to go back to a website and order your tree at a later date.  Place your order ANY TIME and select your preferred shipping date.


2.  For The Best Tree Smell

Christmas Trees At Bishop Farm is located in Vermont and trees grown in frigid outdoor climates will naturally sweat when they are brought indoors.  

The sweat is really just the tree expelling water from the interior and that is what brings out that great tree smell.  

Trees grown in higher temperature locations just don't sweat nearly as much so their natural fragrance is not brought out as much.

Want a sample of our temperatures? The daytime low temp here on 11/22/18 was 4 degrees Fahrenheit.


3.  For Fresher Trees

You place your order.....we cut your tree and ship it to you.  No middleman and no trees that sat around in a warehouse.

We ship it in a special wax-lined box to help the tree stay fresh during it's journey.

Trees sold on local lots are often cut weeks before you buy them and many are often trucked hundreds of miles to their final destination.  It's even common for trees cut in October to be selling on tree lots in late November.

Fresher trees tend to retain their needles longer and smell good for a longer time.


4.  For Sellers Who Care

We're a small family farm, we take pride in our work and we care about our customers.  We've become a tradition for many customers who've come to our farm for many years and are now bringing their own kids to choose a Christmas tree.  

Customers come back because of our high quality trees and our friendly service.

Now we want to bring that special Vermont Christmas tree experience to people all over the country.

It's true that you can't pick your own tree when ordering online.... but we'll pick a good one for you!


5. For Convenience

It can be challenging for people in urban areas and apartments to get a tree back to their home from the local tree lot.

And for people who don't need to pick out a tree at a tree farm, but would like a premium real Christmas tree shipped to their door.


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